Ann Nancy DANIEL, Absolom EILAND, James DANIELL, and Ann Nancy SANKEY -

A Compilation of information, but what is correct?

CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, which this compiler finds absolutely intriguing, suggests that Ann DANIEL, 1753-1839, wife of Absalom EILAND, may be a daughter of James DANIELL (O'DANIEL/DANIEL) of Fairfield County, South Carolina and Hancock County, Georgia and his unknown first wife.

This tentative assignment MAY NOT BE CORRECT. The case for it, is below.

Challenges, corrections, and additional information are welcome, solicited, and appreciated.

Robert Louis Daniell

24 November 2008


Ann Nancy DANIEL, 1753-1839, and Absolom EILAND were the parents of Levi Daniel EILAND. Researchers post conflicting data for this family and Ann‘s parents.

Various posters say:

1. that Ann was born in 1753, in either Fairfield County, South Carolina; Johnston County, North Carolina; Farm Hill, Oglethorpe County, Georgia (not established until 19 December 1793, previously part of Wilkes, County); or 1760 in North Carolina;

2. that Ann DANIEL married Absolom EILAND in 1775 in either Fairfield County, South Carolina, or North Carolina, and died Nov 1839 in Jones County, Georgia. Her death is agreed upon, but no record supports her place of birth or marriage.

3. that Absolom EILAND was born between 1749 and 1755 in either Currituck or Johnston County, North Carolina; Colleton County, South Carolina; Farm Hill, Oglethorpe County, Georgia; or Wales, and died before 1 August 1812 in Jones County, Georgia.

4. that Ann’s father was James DANIEL, born bef 1735, or born about 1727 in Jones County, Georgia, and died 1797, Hancock County, Georgia.

5. that Ann’s mother was an Ann Nancy SANKEY, born abt 1735, and was Nancy DANIELL, the widow of James DANIELL (d. 1797) of Hancock County, Georgia, remarried in 1802 to James BARROW, and died in Baldwin County, Georgia on 18 January 1814. HOWEVER, James' widow was Nancy HARDWICK, not an Ann Nancy SANKEY, more on this below.

6. That George EILAND, Absolom’s father, died in 1749 Johnston County, North Carolina, or about 1776 in St. David‘s Parish, Georgia, or Currituck Precinct, North Carolina.

7. None list parents or other family for James DANIEL or this Ann Nancy SANKEY.


Was Ann DANIEL‘s father James DANIELL of Fairfield County, South Carolina and Hancock County, Georgia?

James DANIELL, often recorded as DANIEL, was James O'DANIEL, born about 1721 in Stafford County, Virginia, son of William and Frances O'DANIEL. James migrated to South Carolina about 1754, then moved to Hancock County, Georgia where he signed his Will 11 May 1797 and died before 5 March 1798. In his Will, James names his wife Nancy DANIELL, and sons, Jose and Levi DANIELL, among others.

The circumstantial evidence that Ann "Nancy" might be James’ daughter exists in six items:

1. Ann DANIEL was born 1753 per researchers, no documentation. The 1830 census of Middlebrook, Jones County, Georgia, page 450, lists Nancy EILAND’s household and provides her age range as 70-80, born between 1750-1760.

2. James DANIEL's claim of a wife and two children in his 2 April 1754 petition for land in South Carolina, but no children born before 1754 are named in transcriptions of his Bible.

3. Ann married Absalom EILAND in 1775 in either Fairfield County, South Carolina or Johnston County, North Carolina, no documentation. James’ family was in Fairfield County, South Carolina in 1775.

4. George EILAND and Sarah JAMES were Absalom’s parents. An Absalom MILAND (EILAND?) obtained 100 acres of land in Saint John’s Parish, South Carolina in 1770, and received a lease and release of land in 1775 from a George EILAND, probably the George who had land records there dating from 1754, increasing the probability that Absalom was married in South Carolina.

5. Absalom EILAND and wife Ann sold 287 and a half acres of land in Greene County, Georgia to "James DANIELL of Fairfield County, South Carolina" on 2 May 1787. Levi DANIELL, James' son, and George HARDWICK, James' brother-in-law, witnessed the sale. (Greene County, Georgia, Deed Book 1, p. 34);

6. Levi Daniel EILAND, son of Absalom and Ann, was born about 1791. It is said that he was named for Levi DANIELL, Ann's favorite and youngest brother who witnessed the 1787 sale.

For the record, neither Ann nor Absalom EILAND were mentioned in James DANIELL's 1797 Will. That may be of no particular consequence if Ann and Absalom, wealthy in his own right, had previously received property or money representing a share of James' estate.


Who was Ann DANIEL’s mother?

These two statements are proven:

1. Ann DANIEL’s mother was NOT Nancy, James DANIELL’s widow, who died 18 January 1814.

2. Ann Nancy SANKEY was NOT the widow of James DANIELL of Hancock County, Georgia.

Nancy HARDWICK died 18 January 1814 in Baldwin County, Georgia, although some Rootsweb posts list that it was an Ann Nancy SANKEY who ddied 18 January 1814. A body of evidence in legal records shows Nancy HARDWICK was the second wife and widow of James DANIELL of Hancock County. Nancy, born 6 January 1758, could not have been Ann DANIEL’s mother. Nancy was five years younger than Ann, born 1753, younger than three of James' known children, and too young to have children before 1771. Three records proving this are:

1. James' son Levi DANIELL in his Will of 1800 named Nancy as "my stepmother, Nancy Daniell."

2. Nancy HARDWICK was 44 years old when she remarried to James BARROW. They had no children. Three excerpts from the James Barrow Family Bible show:

“Nancy and James Barrow were married 7th Feb 1802”

“Nancy Barrow was born 6th January 1758”

“Nancy Barrow 2nd wife of James Barrow died 18th Jan 1814 half after 6 o'clock evening. 56 years old”

(James Barrow Bible, Milledgeville, GA File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Laura Stotler. Source: "Family Bible Records" collected by the Elijah Clarke Chapter in 1938 (Family History Center Microfilm US/CAN #7110)

3. An abstract of Nancy BARROW's Will, Baldwin County Will Book B (1806-1929), p. 71, names:

Nancy BARROW, 11/16/1812: 3/7/1814 - Husband: James. Nieces: Patsy LEWIS, Patsy NELSON (formerly DAWKINS), Nancy Barrow HARDWICK, dau of bro., William HARDWICK, and Nancy FITZPATRICK, dau. of sister Molly FITZPATRICK. Heps (sic, Neps?): John, eldest son of bro., Garland HARDWICK; Garland, George, Daniel and Reuben, sons of sister, Haney DAWKINS; William HARDWICK, son of bro., George HARDWICK. Brothers: William, Garland and George HARDWICK. Sisters: Peggy, Haney DAWKINS, Molly FITZPATRICK. Witnesses: Robert McGENTRY, Rachel THORNTON, Jacob BARROW.

How was Nancy HARDWICK confused with an Ann Nancy SANKEY?

Altered extracts are the probable answer, but it is not known who altered the extracts. To support an Ann Nancy SANKEY as widow of James DANIELL and mother of Ann Nancy Daniel EILAND, Jere Fletcher of Tyler, Texas forwarded four items from the research of Cecil Little (deceased) of Clanton, Chilton County, Alabama . They were purportedly from the Georgia Journal and published in Genealogical Abstracts from the Georgia Journal (Milledgeville) Newspaper, 1809-1840, by Fred R Hartz; Emilie K Hartz; Tad Evans, Publisher: Vidalia, Ga., Gwendolyn Press, 1990-1995. When verified against Hartz's book entries, the SANKEY name was NOT in the original publication.

1. TRANSCRIPTION ERROR: Jan. 26, 1814: "DEATH! Departed this life on the 18th Inst. (this month) at half past 6 o'clock in the evening, Mrs. Nancy Sankey Daniel BARROW, the amiable consort of James BARROW, Esq. of Baldwin County...She was an affectionate wife, greatly endeared to her servants; an excellent neighbor."

CORRECT from the original: January 26, 1814: "Deaths! Departed this life on the 18th inst. half past 6 o'clock in the evening Mrs. Nancy BARROW, the amiable consort of James BARROW, Esq. of Baldwin County. She was an affectionate Wife, greatly endeared to her servants, an excellent neighbor.”

2. TRANSCRIPTION ERROR {Note missing portion and text errors below}: July 19, 1815: "Georgia, Greene County, Court of Ordinary, July Term 1815, Upon the Petition of Family of James DANIEL (In right of his wife, Nancy) Administrator of the Estate of her Father, Dr. John T. SANKEY, deceased, prayed to be dismissed from the Administration of said Estate. Signed: Ebenezer TORRENCE, C.C.O."

CORRECT from the original: July 19, 1815 "Georgia, Greene County. Court of Ordinary, July Term, 1815. Upon the petition of James DANIEL and Drury TOWNS (in right of his wife) administrators of the estate of John T. SANKEY, deceased, praying to be dismissed from the administration of said estate... (Signed) Ebenezer TORRENCE, C.C.O.")

Note: An additional abstract in follow up concerning the estate of John T. SANKEY: February 7, 1816 "By order of the...Court of Ordinary of Greene County, will be sold on the first Tuesday in March next at the town of Greensborough, one tract of land containing 700 acres, lying on the road leading from Greensborough to Washington...being part of the real estate of John T. SANKEY, deceased...(Signed) James DANIEL, Adm'r., Drury TOWNS, Adm'r. in right of his wife."

[NOTE: The wife of Drury TOWNS, not named, is Ann Thompson DANIEL, daughter of William DANIEL and Hannah CUNNINGHAM. Ann first married John Thompson SANKEY, the deceased, and second Drury TOWNS, his Adm‘r. James DANIEL, Adm'r, is Ann TOWNS' brother. James DANIELL, proposed father of Absalom EILAND’s wife Ann, died before 5 March 1798 and his widow, Nancy (Hardwick) BARROW, died 18 Jan 1814; this record pertains to neither of them.]

3. TRANSCRIPTION ERROR: August 2, 1815: "Georgia, Greene County. James MORRIS came before me… saith, that some time in Dec. 1814, he being in Company with a Certain William HARDRIDGE otherwise William HARDWICK and sometimes called William H. HARDRIDGE who told him that he...had a bond against Mrs. Nancy Sankey DANIEL of Hancock County, signed while she was the widow of James DANIEL, deceased, for the amount of $1000...Signed James MORRIS. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 26th day of June 1815... Signed John BROWNING. Justice of the Peace. From the well known character of the above named HARDWICK, I think it probable that if he holds such a bond, and has therefore taken this method to apprise the public of such debt that it is an outright forgery. Signed: James BARROW."

CORRECT from the original: August 2, 1815: "Georgia, Greene County. James MORRIS came before me...saith, that some time in...Dec. 1814, he being in company with a certain William HARDRIDGE, otherwise William HARDWICH, and sometimes called William H. HARDRIDGE, who told him that he...had a bond against Nancy DANIELL of Hancock County, signed while she was the widow of James DANIELL, deceased, for the amount of 1000 dollars...(Signed) James MORRIS. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 26th day of June 1815. (Signed) John BROWNING, J.P. From the well known character of the above named HARDWICH, I think it probable that he holds such a bond, and have therefore taken this method to apprise the public that it is a forgery. (Signed) James BARROW."

4. TRANSCRIPTION ERROR: Sept. 20, 1815: NOTICE: "Whereas James DANIEL of Hancock County, did by his Last Will lend to his Wife, Nancy Sankey DANIEL, who afterwards became my Wife, that during her life certain property…my said wife died the 18th of Jan. 1814, on which day my claim to her property expired. The Executor of James DANIEL, deceased...received the aforesaid property, except a herd of goats.. I have tolerated them and cared for them with usual care , but will consider them under my care only ten days from this notice at which time I will drive them entirely from my plantation. Signed Sept. 11, 1815: Signed: James BARROW, Esq."

CORRECT from the original: September 20, 1815 "Notice.--Whereas James DANIEL of Hancock County, did by his last will...lend to his wife, Nancy DANIEL, (who afterwards became my wife) during her life certain said wife died the 18th of January 1814, on which day my claim expired...The executor of James DANIEL, deceased...received the aforesaid property, except a stock of goats...I have taken my usual care of the said Goats, but will consider them under my care only ten days after this notice. I will then drive them entirely from my plantation...Given under my hand this 11th day of September, 1815. (Signed) James BARROW"

Conceivably, a transcription of James DANIELL’s Bible may have also contributed to the mistaken identity. Two items of interest are:

1. The Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapters Daughters of the American Revolution, Volume IV, page 12, presents a transcript of the Bible of James DANIEL said to be in possession of Mrs. D. F. Barrow, Athens. "James DANIEL was the first husband of Mrs. James Barrow, wife of James Barrow of Milledgeville, Ga. BIRTHS: Children of James DANIEL and wife Ann: Jesse DANIEL .....12-2-1754; Sarah DANIEL ......5-4-1756; Jose DANIEL ......12-6-1757; Levi DANIEL ......12-21-1759; Martha DANIEL .. 1-22-1762; Mary DANIEL ......2-20-1765" (Other transcriptions show DANIELL.) CAUTION must be used here before believing an "Ann" was the mother of James' children. "Ann" may refer to Nancy HARDWICK, the stepmother, born 6 Jan 1758, although Nancy has not otherwise been found as "Ann." James' Bible is said to be in the University of Georgia’s Hargrett Library, part of an donation by the James BARROW family. Despite repeated efforts to see the Bible, librarians have not been able to locate it.

2. In a MITCHELL Family folder donated to the Archives of Arizona, a short pedigree chart for Catherine B. DANIELL provides that James DANIELL’s wife, mother of Levi, was named Elizabeth, but no record yet corroborates this. James' granddaughter, Catherine, Levi DANIELL’s daughter, married Julius Caesar Bonaparte MITCHELL on 4 May 1817 in Hancock County, Georgia.

From the above, an Ann Nancy SANKEY, proffered first wife of James DANIELL of Fairfield County, South Carolina, may NOT exist, possibly “discovered” as a result of mixing records of John T. SANKEY's wife and widow and of James DANIELL's second wife and widow, Nancy HARDWICK.

More extracts from the research papers Cecil Little sent to Jere Fletcher of Tyler, Texas in March 1995:

"One will discover many names repeated in the various Eiland Family units. "Daniel" comes from the maiden name of the Wife of Absalom EILAND. She was Nancy Ann DANIEL. Nancy had a favorite brother named Levi DANIEL, so she and Absalom named a Son born 1791 Levi Daniel EILAND. Absalom's Son, Enoch EILAND, named his first Son born 1802 John Daniel EILAND then his Grandson Zachariah named a Son John Daniel EILAND."

[Comments: John Daniel EILAND is a curious, unexplained reference for Mr. Little to include here. John “Jack“ DANIEL married Levi DANIELL‘s widow, Martha Pearson COOK of Hancock County, Georgia. John Daniel EILAND‘s namesake? Relevant?: “Jack“ and Martha‘s 19 year old daughter, Martha C., died in 1827 in Clinton, Jones County, Georgia., where Ann Nancy EILAND received mail.]

(Later paragraph)

"Absalom EILAND, Son of George EILAND, married Nancy Ann DANIEL about 1775 in South Carolina. She is believed to have come from Fairfield County, S.C. Absalom is listed as a petit juror in Orangeburg District, S.C. in 1777 and 1778. Absalom EILAND was in Wilkes Co., Ga. by 1779, as he later filed a claim for loss due to Indian raids in that year. Absalom also served as a Revolutionary Soldier in Ga., and is included in the D.A.R. Patriot Index. He was given grant No. 259 for 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co., Ga., June 28, 1785. This tract was crossed by Island Creek. This land touched land of his Brother John EILAND and of his Brother Isaiah EILAND both Brothers award land for having served as Revolutionary War Soldiers."

(Two paragraphs later)

"Absalom EILAND's Wife was the Daughter of James DANIEL and Nancy Sankey DANIEL [unproven]. Absalom and Nancy Anne EILAND named a Son for her Favorite Brother, Levi DANIEL."

(A later paragraph)

"Levi Daniel EILAND was born 1791. He was named for his Mother's favorite Bro. Levi DANIEL who died in Jones Co., Ga., 1800. Levi Daniel [EILAND] married Miss Katie SHAW. He served as a Justice of Peace in Old Montgomery Co., Ala. when the County included present Bullock County and additional area. Levi Daniel [EILAND] died 1872." [Comment: Levi DANIELL died in 1800 in Hancock County, Georgia. Jones County was created 10 December 1807 from Creek Indian land.]

Although no record has been found to support the marriage of Ann DANIEL to Absalom EILAND in Fairfield County, South Carolina, land records prove an Absalom EILAND was in South Carolina as early as 1770:

1770/08/10 Description: MILAND, Absalom, Plat for 100 Acres in St. Johns Parish. Names Indexed: BREMAR, John/MILAND, Absalom/GREEDING, Peter/MERCAIN, Bengman/STEVENSON, Andrew/Locations: Saint Johns Parish/Berkeley County. [No location given on this land, but St. John's Parish is on the Santee river below the junction of the Congaree (Saluda) and Wateree Rivers and above Charleston in the area of Dorchester.] Absalom paid the memorial for this land on 1771/04/08.

1775 - Description: EILAND, George to Absalom EILAND, Lease and Release. Names Indexed: EILAND, George/EILAND, Absalom/Locations: [blank] . [A wedding present to Absalom for his 1775 marriage to Ann DANIEL?]

George EILAND was Absalom's father per family researchers. He is given differing dates and places of death: 1749 in Johnston County, North Carolina, and about 1776 in St. David's Parish, Georgia. A George EILAND was in South Carolina by 1754. [Does the 1749 date reflect his absence from Johnston County after migrating to South Carolina?]

1754/5/13 Description: EILAND, George, Plat for 300 Acres in Granville County. Names indexed: CHATWIN, Joseph; EILAND, George; HUNTER, George. Locations: Granville County; Savannah River. [Plat survey shows 350 acres of land in the fork between Cedar Creek and Nobles Creek and north of Cedar Creek, all sides vacant. The warrant was noted as being out of date and the certificate was left blank.] A regranting of the same land on 8 March 1755?: Description: EILAND, George, Land Grant for 350 acres in Granville County. Names Indexed: EILAND, George. Locations: Granville County. (A "Map of Edgefield County, SC 1785-1871" by Mr. Ge Lee Corley Hendrix at (about a quarter way down the webpage) shows "Horn Cr (formerly Nobles)" as a tributary of Stevens Creek and a Cedar Cr., a little west of Edgefield Town, joining with Rock Cr. and Lick Fork as branches. This location places the George EILAND family in proximity of lands later owned by James DANIELL of Fairfield and his nephew, William DANIEL of Ninety Six District and Edgefield, South Carolina.

Robert Louis Daniell